August at Cleobury Country

I’ve been out of action for the majority of August so my report this month will be sketchy!  However, “the Girls” have been fantastic in my absence, especially Vicki, who has covered for me and Sam, who needed to go on holiday for some of that time!

I have kept my ear to the ground and I know that the centre has trundled along quite nicely and it was still standing when I returned on Monday….so all good!

We approach September now and look forward to staging quite a few courses (busy time for us now until December!)  Emergency First Aid at Work, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling and Sage all ready to roll for September and all virtually full!

The Girls, had to manage the Cleobury Country Farmers Market this month themselves and a great job they did!  There were 185 visitors compared with 197 last year, so pretty average in terms of visitors and 18 traders attended compared with only 11 last year!  We saw the lovely return of Victorian Farm Butter (Mary!) this month.  She is a real crowd puller and entertains everyone superbly!  Another returner was the Shropshire Honey lady who has the most delightful local honey, hopefully she’ll return next month as I missed buying a jar!

And a warm welcome was given to Ella’s Creations, who came along for the first time and will hopefully become a regular!  Lots of ideas for Christmas!

Again in my absence, Sam looked after the Business Networking meeting, which this month was “jolly month”, so we visited Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club and sampled some cider and chips!  Graham was his usual brilliant host and with Peter along to steer the evening, a great time was had by all!  Back to the centre next month as we all knuckle down to a few months of proper work after the ease of the last two because of school holidays!



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