July at The Cleobury Country Centre

CC update – July 2015


Blimey, half way through July already, where does the time go!

We bid farewell to Sue at the end of June and we took her for a lovely meal at the Talbot at Newnham Bridge. Superb pub/restaurant, with great food and far too many choices of wine!! We must also thank Claire Carter, from whom we purchased a fab print of a photo she took looking out from Cleobury towards Abberley – Sue’s home view!! So good luck Sue with your new venture!

As companies and schools gear down for the end of term, we have avoided putting on courses for this and next month but have found that we have been asked by quite a few businesses to put on a course at their own venue. We have found this to be quite popular over the last 2 months and long may it continue! Get in touch if this might be something for you!

We had a great Farmers market in June – we had 18 traders and 200 visitors to the market. Our aim is to get to 200 visitors each month so we were very pleased with the turnout. We have a very steady core of about 15 traders now with another 4/5 coming and going when it suits them, and this is providing a great selection of traders for customers to buy from but also provides regularity of traders, which again, pleases the customers. After quite a lot of rain this week the forecast for the July Farmers Market is good and we are hopeful of some sunshine, no rain, plenty of visitors and have 19 traders confirmed! All good!

Networking this month was on the subject of “How to get along with everyone”. Considering it was a sunny day in July we had a reasonable turnout of 10 and Peter Roper guided us to consider that we should be letting other businesses know what we want as well as trying to please others. After considering everyone’s needs we put our minds to seeing how we could help and I must say, that suggestions of help was available to everyone from all the businesses present. We will follow this up next month and find out who came good on their promises – so no pressure everyone!

Next month’s meeting, due to public demand, will be at Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club, where we can have chips and a pint! More info will come out during the month but book early to avoid disappointment!!

That’s all from me but have a good summer if you’re on your hols!

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